tiistai 7. lokakuuta 2014

Pitkä tauko päivittämisessä / Long time since updating

Meillä on ollut sellaista hulinaa, että on jäänyt päivittämättä blogia ja nettisivumme on olleet myöskin päivittämättä teknisten ongelmien vuoksi. Uusien tekeminen on sitten "vähän" kestänyt.

Parin vuoden aikana on tapahtunut hurjasti asioita, ei niitä pysty kaikkia kertomaankaan.
Me olemme muuttaneet ja taas kerran muuttaneet, on ollut pentuja ja kaikenlaisia elämän pieniä ja isoja asioita.


We have been so terribly busy with many things that updating blog has not been done "for a while" and our webpages have not been updated due to technical reasons.

So much has happened during past years that I cannot even tell - big and small things in life.

torstai 23. kesäkuuta 2011

We have a new family member!

On Tuesday I travelled to Chic Choix kennel to meet Juha Kares and now we have a new little wonderful member in our family! Lhasa Apso girl called "Julia" joined our family and team. Thank you Juha so very much for this extremely wonderful girl. She is totally and only so great! I am so happy to have her. All our other family members love her too :)

maanantai 20. kesäkuuta 2011

What a great show weekend - rain or not!

On Saturday 18.6. we went to Kotka INT show with Vroum and weather was the most terrible. Our ring was covered with mud and water and we had such a huge rain the whole day. I almost did not take my boy to the ring, but then I did - and Vroum BOB, CACIB. Hurraa! Thank you judge Francesco Cochetti from Italy!
We had also fun with Mimmi & Milli in the rain - in the end, we couldn't do anything else, but laugh - can this be possible, yes! Finnish lovely summer :)

I was at home very late in the evening and next morning 19.6. we went to Riihimäki national show with Vroum, Jesper and Ossi. This time our weather was so lovely. Vroum was BOB and also BOG3! I was sooo happy (and I am still over the moon)! Thank you so very much judge Gunnar Nymann from Denmark (also the group judge) for liking my boy so much! You just made my weekend to be perfect!

Jesper and Ossi got excellent, my cute lovely junior boys. My offspring Ilveskosken Hairy Nikilei was BOS. Congrats to Leila & Mika! I can't thank enough Leila for taking such a good care of the dogs they have from me. Mika is great in the show ring. 

Congrats Brigitte for breeding such an excellent dog as Vroum. Not only that he is handsome, he is so charming. 

 Vroum BOG3 (pic Milli Tumppila)

maanantai 6. kesäkuuta 2011

Vroum Estonian Winner 2011

I am so happy to tell that our Cartoonland's Vroum ("Rommi") has reached his 3rd official winner title of this year. We were in the Estonian winner show on Sunday 5th June and he was BOS, CACIB and became Estonian Winner 2011. I am so happy for my boy. Thank you judge Anne Sume.
Super congratulations to his breeder Brigitte Damman!

Vuitton & Valentino went home

Our Nona's and Vroum's boys Vuitton and Valentino went home to their new loving families. Good luck with boys!

maanantai 30. toukokuuta 2011

Ilveskosken Vogue went home

Ilveskosken Vogue, daughter to Vroum and Winona, went to her new home. I miss this little funny girl, with full of energy, already. Good luck with Vogue Anneli and Julia (and Demi)!

sunnuntai 29. toukokuuta 2011

A true show day!

It was raining on Friday and I didn't have any show feeling - yet, I was washing dogs and hoping they stay clean until the show. So, we went to the Helsinki Ladies Kennel club show on saturday 28.5. and got such an excellent results. I am so over the moon with our results. We would like to thank very warmly our judges Natasa Blanusa and group judge Diannne Degryz. Thank you so much!

Cartoonland's Vroum BOB, BOG2!!!
"Very elegant male with beautiful movement & carriage. Excellent proportions of head. Beautiful expression. Excellent pigmentation. Excellent bone, size & type. Beautiful neck & topline. Excellent structure of legs. Excellent tailset. Excellent coat quality & condition. Nicely presented"

Junior Chester Charm Balvnikovy Kvet BM2 and CAC!
"Very balanced young male of excellent size, type & medium strong bone. Beautiful, elegant head of excellent proportions. Excellent pigmentation & expression. Beautiful neck. Excellent topline. Excellent front. Nicely developed chest. Pasterns could be little stronger. A very elegant mover with excellent angulations. Excellent tailset & carriage. Beautiful coat of excellent texture in excellent condition. Needs a little bit more substance"

Cookie Paradise Ozzy Osbourne excellent in his first show - I am proud how nicely he was in his first show!
"young male of small size & lightbone. Correct proportions of head. A bit coarse in scull region. Excellent pigmentation, nice expression. A bit bigger eyes. Short neck. Correct topline. Well developed cheast. Front pasterns could be stronger. Moves well. Nice coat quality, but color needs to clean up. Very nice temperament."